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Special Programs

Buy Before You Sell

In today’s market homes sell in days not weeks. Then you will have to rush to find your new home which with the low inventory may take a longer time. If you make an offer to buy a home conditional to your selling yours first, you will likely not have your offer accepted.

With our Buy Before You Sell program, you can buy your dream house first, then take up to 6 months to sell your home and not have two mortgages. And that offer will be a Cash Offer, that can switch to your lender at the closing table. Reach out for more information and a flyer that explains how easy this can be.

All Cash Offers

Maybe you need to sell and close quickly. Maybe you want to avoid showings or doing repairs. You can stay off market and get an all cash offer that can close in as little as 21 days!

I represent over 4 of the largest national and local cash buyers that can compete to give you options to maximize your price. I never work with the small ‘Flippers’ that make lower offers. While you will not receive as much as if you did list your home, it provides maximum convenience and time. We can alway see what those offers might be then decide if you prefer to go on the market. My goal is to give you more options and control.

Lease To Own

The traditional paths to owning a home don’t work for everyone. Maybe you need time to repair your credit. Maybe you just started a business and don’t have 2 years of tax records. I have programs that help you get there by purchasing the home with a cash offer and renting it back to you with an option to purchase it at a pre-agreed fair price so there are no surprises.

You can enjoy the benefits of homeownership right away, and a portion of your lease will go toward your future down payment. And, if you change your mind, your deposit is fully refundable with no fees or penalties for canceling.